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Races of Talamh

Peaceful Races: Sentient souls created by three Eldar gods of harmony, Oghma(Knowledge), Deirde(Magic), and Cailleach(Light). 

Korrigan: Average height, 4 to 5.5 ft, Average weight, 140 to 260 lbs., Lifespan, 300-400 years. Green or blue eyes and black to red hair, the Korrigan race are squat, sturdy people with pale to grey hued skin. Oghma's kin are the longest living sentient race in the cosmos, their records predate the Advent of Zelena Vrata and Tir na nÒg, the oldest records go all the way back to the time before the Korrigan left Emain Ablach and began exploring the cosmos in interplanetary vessels they built with their own ingenuity. 

Vanir: Average height, 5.5 to 7 ft, Average weight, 150-260 lbs., Lifespan, 800-900 years. There are two distinct subgroups of Vanir, one is Lloer, a pale-skinned dark haired group with purple eyes who live in the dark shrouded side of their home world of Vanaheimr. The other subgroup who live in the light-locked side are the Thâns who are known for their tan complexions, blonde hair and golden yellow eyes. As children of Deirde, the Vanir are masters and innovators when it comes to the four principle schools of magic and are responsible for creating over 70% of the spells used in popular circulation throughout Talamh. 

Nephilim: Average height, 7 to 9 ft, Average weight, 280-380 lbs., Lifespan, N/A(immortal unless slain by another being). Olive skinned humanoids with black or blonde hair and blue eyes and wings capable of flight. How powerful a nephilim is indicated by the pairs of wings he has, the most terrifying nephilim are the Seraphim who have seven sets of wings. They eschew magic because of their own innate abilities which may not be as variable but are still extremely powerful. All nephilim can summon a sword of pure fire capable of leveling a mountain range in a single sweep, they can create hurricane force gales with their wings, and all wounds except ones caused by the most diabolic means close within seconds at most. The more advanced nephilim hold stranger, unique esoteric abilities they developed during their many wars with the forces of darkness. 

Duine: Average height, 5 to 6.5 ft, Average weight, 120 to 250 lbs., Lifespan, 80-120 years. Pale to dark skin, blonde to black hair, and most eye colors except red or yellow, Cailleach's second creation are as variable in appearance as in nature. They are the most populous race of Talamh but still in stages of growth and infancy compared to the other races of the universe. The duine were created at the start of the third cosmic era after Moryana tried to infect Alma D-Nhūra with a meteor full of her spores. 

Fomorian: Average height, 10 to 12 ft, Average weight, 500 to 800 lbs., Lifespan 60-80 years. Crimson hued skin, black hair and red eyes these giants are still largely feared throughout the cosmos. Sutr, their allfather, was defeated by Cailleach and his heart was seized to energize her first world Alma D-Nhūra that she created from the shattered fragments of Fomoria after it hurtled through An Sgaradh and traveled across the far reaches of the cosmos. A portion of their race was led by Etlán to refuge on Talamh as Fomoria continued to crumble and waste away. Her acceptance led to the Fomorian refugees establish their own society among the costal dunes and expansive desert that separate the Duinish kingdoms. Balor, who lost an eye to Cailleach, still maintains his remnants among the ruined, doomed world of Fomoria. 

Hostile Races:

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