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Gods of Saol

Eldar Gods-Primordial beings that either rule over a subspace realm of the cosmos or a planetary body they created over millions of years of work. 

Cailleach-Goddess of Light and Life: Creator of the Nephilim, the minor gods, the Duine, and two garden worlds, Talamh and Alma D-Nhūra. 

Deirde-Goddess of Magic and Ingenuity: Creator of the Vanir, Vanaheimr and the founder of four principle schools of magic: Mesmerism, Enchantment, Wiccantry, and Thaumaturgy.

Oghma-God of Time, Knowledge, and Learning: Created the Korrigan, and the numerous outposts that watch all the events of the cosmos. Collects and catalogues all this knowledge at his planet(Emain Ablach) located inside the An Caolas belt

Minor Gods-Mortal beings that were elevated to godhood by Cailleach, only capable of creating animals that have the most basic souls unable for elevation and stuck in the perpetual cycle of death and rebirth. 

Cybele-Goddess of the Wood and Nature, Grove Mother of Talamh: Cybele was empowered by Cailleach after Moryana's infectious horde was obliterated in the dark reaches of the cosmos as it hurtled towards the world of Talamh. With the purified fragment of earth energy infused into her being Cybele transformed from a simple nephilim into a minor goddess capable of acts of creation. She was responsible for creating the woods, mountains, plains, and deserts that cover the vast expanse of Talamh's mostly unexplored surface. 

Llŷr-Goddess of Seas and Rivers, the Lady of the Lake: Llŷr was empowered a nephilim empowered by the fragment Cailleach seized from Ǽgir when he manifested a giant serpent and tried to swallow -Alma D-Nhūra whole. Created all the rivers, seas, lakes and streams that connect all of Talamh’s inhabitants. She also created all the water creatures, including the vast hordes of sea terrors that protect the inner world where all she resides. 

Taranis-God of Wind, Storms, and Furious Vigilance, The Sleepless Sentinel: Taranis focused less on creation and more on safeguarding Talamh from the numerous threats that abound in the cosmos. While he created a few winged creatures the most notable are his swords, dragons stationed in small reclusive enclaves across the four corners of Talamh as they safeguard the world from cosmic threats that would tear the world asunder. 

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